Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the warranty offered with an Arba Nautika boat?

All Arba Nautika boats are sold with a 3 year manufacture warranty on the boat structure against manufacture faults. Wear and tear and accidental damage is not covered in the warranty. Warranty claims are extremely rare so be rest assured that your time will be spent enjoying the water trouble free however in the very unlikely event that something does go wrong we will be on hand to tend to your needs with urgency. Your outboard engine is warranted by Yamaha for a period 3 years subject to their terms & conditions.

What maintenance does an Arba Nautika boat require?

Arba boats are designed to be as maintenance free as possible, we prefer to spend our time enjoying the water, the only maintenance they require is an annual service of your engine (or every 100 hours) and a renewing of your antifouling (if applicable)

Do you only supply Yamaha outboard engines?

We believe that Yamaha offer the best quality of outboard on the market so we put the best engine on the best boat. We can however offer the boat with whichever engine you prefer or without in the circumstance that you already have your own engine. Please contact us for a custom quotation in either of these circumstances.

Why do Arba Nautika boats have stern platforms?

These stern platforms are unique to the Arba family and enhance the boat significantly to that of comparative boats without. They offer the following benefits;

  • Enhanced stability: They offer stability and buoyancy at the rear of the boat making for a far more comfortable ride and reduced rocking when stationary on the water.
  • Exit from the water: Getting out of the water is made much easier with these platforms meaning that it is not necessary to clamber onto the high side of a boat, often a difficult manoeuvre.
  • Embarking and disembarking: Walking onto the boat at the stern is made both safer and easier by stepping onto the platform and then into the boat, an invaluable safety feature when welcoming both young and elderly guests on board.
  • Protection for the engine: Their positioning protects the engine from propeller wrap and impact from accidental manoeuvres.

Do I need a cover for the boat if leaving it on a mooring?

Technically no you do not as all Arba Nautika’s have a self draining cockpit meaning that any rain water automatically drains off the boat as the freeboard of the boat is higher than the waterline. Many boats have a freeboard below the waterline which means that water accumulates and requires a bilge pump whereas our boats do not. A mooring cover is however useful to keep the boat clean and to keep the birds from messing the deck.

What is antifoul and do I need it?

Antifoul is a protective paint applied to the underside of your boats hull from the waterline and under. It prevents the growth and attachment of plants, algae and barnacles. It is required for boats being left in both freshwater and saltwater for a prolonged period of time for example if left on a mooring.

Do your prices include VAT?

Yes all prices stipulated are inclusive of VAT and pertain no hidden costs.

Are Arba Nautika boats CE certified?

Yes all Arba Nautika boats are CE registered in conformity with European legislative regulation requirements. All boats are sold with a certificate of conformity provided.

How is the battery charged?

The battery of the boat which is included in all packages is powered from the outboard engine for which the boat is provided fully wired and in working order. It is a starter battery so is capable of running accessories from the 2 12V sockets provided however if you require auxilarry items to be powered for a prolonged period of time when the engine is not running it is advised that you opt for a leisure battery.

I have a spare outboard motor that I want to use as a backup, where on the boat can I store this?

All of our boats have the available extra of an additional bracket that can be mounted on the stern platform at the rear. We recommend a maximum engine size for this bracket of 7.5HP.

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